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- Fire pressure hoses are used to transport water and aqueous solutions to the fire site under pressure, water           for pumping out of basements and other rooms, for water transfer and for pressurized water and                for transmitting foam emulsions both horizontally and vertically.


- The usual hose length is 20 meters. In exceptional cases it can be 25 and 30 meters long.

Maintenance-free hoses.jpg

- Rubberized hose both inside and out.

- Operating pressure up to 17 Bar, burst pressure 50 Bar.

- No washing or drying required after use.

Normal curved hoses.jpg

- The inside is covered with a layer of rubber and the outside with polyester.

-  The working pressure is 17  bar and a burst pressure of 50 bar.

- These hoses must be washed and dried after each use.

Fire cabinet_hoses.jpeg

According to EN 671-2: 2001, the operating pressure of the fire hose must be 12 Bar.

FIRETEK OÜ offers Chinese hoses and Belarusian obscure pressure hoses with a diameter of:  25, 38, 42, 52, 66, 77, 89, 100, 150mm.


Semi-rigid hoses with a diameter of 19, 25 and 33 mm.

Suction hoses.jpg

The suction hose is for connecting the ambulance pump to the water intake and for delivering water from the water to the pump.

Suction hoses work mainly under thinning. Therefore, the construction of the hose has a steel wire or plastic rigid frame arranged in a spiral, which prevents the hose from accumulating and makes it mechanically strong.

The hose usually consists of two 15-20 mm thick layers of rubber with a wire or plastic coil interposed between them. The top rubber layer is covered with a multi-rubberized cloth.


Suction hoses are produced in diameters of 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 mm.


Hose lengths 2 and 4 meters (or optional).


- operates within extreme temperatures

- Available with two or three ear Storz connections 

- transparent and flexible

- This light suction hose can be handled by a firefighter

- Thanks to the transparency of the hose, it is possible to monitor the movement of water

- Different hose lengths are available 

- 1.5 "to 6" different sizes available

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