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The new ultra-powerful and ultra-compact MT280 turbofan has been developed for large rescue teams with buildings in the exit area that are insufficient to ventilate a small fan. However, sometimes it is necessary to ventilate against the wind, in this situation the power of the MT280 fan is required.


Because the MT280 is a turbo fan based on Easy Pow'Air Technology, it is just as efficient when installed at both 2 meters and 6 meters from the doorway.

  • Automatic tilt angle selection, all you have to do is raise the fan handle.

  • Installing the fan 2 to 6 meters from the doorway - efficiency remains the same.

  • Productivity: 85,200 m³ per hour!

  • Stable and easy to install: the MT280, with its large rear wheels, is easy to handle and maneuver even very  on uneven terrain.

  • Reinforced turbine.

  • Protective frame: epoxy coating.

  • Noise level: 99 dBA at a distance of 3 meters (installing a fan beyond the door opening reduces the noise level for the user).

  • Can be installed at an exact angle between + 10º and + 20º.

  • Additional control for downward ventilation.

  • An angle of inclination of more than 10º and a possible installation distance solve the problem with high stairs.



  • Engine - 4-stroke Honda 13 hp

  • Working time at full speed - 1 hour and 20 minutes

  • Dimensions: 72cm x 78cm x 62cm (width x height x depth)

  • Weight: 69 kg


  • 5-meter hose

  • Water adapter

  • High multiplicity foam adapter

  • Exhaust adapter

  • Extension hose for exhaust gas discharge - 2.5 m

  • Protective cover

  • -10º angle mounting device


  • Easy to install from 2 to 6m doorways

  • Easy to work with: more space between the fan and the doorway

  • Ventilate in any situation, even with high stairs

  • Reduced noise level due to the possibility of further installation

  • Reduced maintenance due to robust construction concept

  • All components are easily replaceable by the user

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