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FIRE EXTINGUISHERS INSPECTION - performed by the owner

The owner will review the condition of the fire extinguishers once a quarter to ensure that the fire extinguisher:

   1) is located in a place prescribed for that purpose;

   2) is not obscured by anything and the inscription with the instructions for use is legible;

   3) has not been significantly damaged;

   4) the pointer of the pressure gauge (if any) is located in the green zone;

   5) seals, barriers (hereinafter seal) are undamaged.


If a fire extinguisher malfunction is suspected, the owner of the fire extinguisher shall inspect the fire extinguisher for detection and maintenance (performed by a competent person / company).

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS CONTROL  - performed by the owner of the extinguisher

The fire extinguisher shall be inspected at the frequency specified by the manufacturer or if the results of the inspection so require.

If the frequency of inspection of the fire extinguisher is not specified by the manufacturer, the fire extinguisher shall be inspected:

  • Once a year, if the extinguisher is stored in a place exposed to moisture, vibration or temperature fluctuations;

  • Once every two years, if the extinguisher is stored in a dry and even place.

For more information, see Regulation No. of the Minister of the Interior 39.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS MAINTENANCE  - performed by a competent person / company

The fire extinguisher shall be put into operation after each use and maintained as necessary, but not less frequently than specified by the manufacturer.

If the frequency of maintenance of the fire extinguisher is not specified by the manufacturer, water and foam fire extinguishers shall be serviced every five years, other fire extinguishers every ten years.

The parts used for maintenance and the compressed gas must not impair the safety of the fire extinguisher and the fire-fighting capacity specified by the manufacturer. The properties of the extinguishing agent must be as indicated on the label of the extinguisher.





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