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offers oxygen reduction systems.
The cooperation partner is the Dutch company PRESSCON.

Oxygen favors the combustion reaction. Combustion is excluded when reducing the percentage of oxygen. Different extinguishing systems extinguish fires that have already started. In other words, in the event of a fire, property will be damaged. However, the solution offered by Presscon makes it possible to prevent a possible fire, i.e. it prevents the occurrence of a fire by creating a risk-free environment.

The operating principle of the system is as follows:

  • Such a percentage of oxygen is removed from the air in the room that fire is excluded. The percentage of nitrogen increases by this again;

  • Compressed air (about 6 bar) is passed through special filters using special equipment. Oxygen % reduction takes place in the filters;

  • The oxygen removed from the air is directed to the outside air;

  • However, air with a reduced percentage of oxygen is directed into the protected area;

  • Over a period of time, the percentage of nitrogen in the premises replaces the percentage of oxygen removed;

  • Each protected space is provided with its own oxygen percentage solution. It is taken into account what kind of room it is, what activity takes place there, what is the risk of fire, etc.;

  • According to the manufacturer, it is possible to lower the percentage of oxygen up to 1%;

  • The percentage of oxygen in the room that is harmless to humans is at least 15%. Below that is already harmful and even dangerous.

Objects where oxygen reduction systems are well suited:

  • Cooling and freezing warehouses. The use of water extinguishing systems in such warehouses is complicated. The packages are placed close to each other, so water cannot get everywhere;

  • Server rooms;

  • Storage rooms for lithium batteries. These battery fires are accompanied by high temperatures and particularly toxic combustion gases are released;

  • Rooms for storing dangerous substances. As a rule, these rooms are explosive and toxic;

  • Repositories of museums and archives. Various particularly valuable paintings and other historical values and documents are stored in the warehouses. Preventing a possible fire is the best solution. The use of alternative extinguishing systems leads to charring and damage to the property;

  • Other warehouses;

For more detailed information, please contact us.

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