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Types of fire alarms:

  • Autonomous fire detector - means a local device for fire alarm which, in the same housing, contains all the necessary components (with the exception of a power supply) for detecting a fire and giving an audible alarm;

  • Autonomous fire alarm system - means a local system, the main element of which is an autonomous fire detector.

  • An automatic fire alarm system is a system that automatically notifies you of a fire, as well as a malfunction that endangers your readiness for operation.  


There are conventional and analogue addressable automatic alarm systems.

An addressed system is an automatic fire alarm system in which messages about possible system states are transmitted and displayed on the CPU monitor as the address of the exact physical location of the addressed device that issued the message: building, floor, room, device address;

"Conventional system" means a system in which the central processing unit displays a fire message with a circuit precision;

The type of fire alarm is selected on the basis of the regulations of the Minister of the Interior no. 17 (Fire safety requirements for buildings and requirements for fire water supply. Adopted on 30.03.2017) and no. 1 (Requirements for fire alarm systems and buildings where the fire alarm of an automatic fire alarm system must be routed to the Alarm Center. Adopted on 07.01.2013) no. 1 of the requirements.






The Vienna-based company designs, manufactures and supplies fire alarm systems for various applications, such as industrial plants, office buildings, schools and hospitals, as well as for facilities requiring special protection, such as historic buildings or tunnel systems. The design of fully redundant fire alarm systems for use in areas with high security needs, such as refineries, airports and space centers, has been one of the company's most outstanding achievements. Customers will also benefit from the IP solutions for our Integral IP fire alarm system, which allows notifications to be transmitted and software to be programmed on mobile devices. This allows information to be transmitted securely and quickly in all directions, and allows for a rapid response to a fire alarm remotely. In addition, VISOCALL IP is our well-established IP communication platform for hospitals and nursing homes. A forward-looking IP-based system provides the basis for the integration of third-party systems and is open to all communication tasks. VISOCALL IP combines nurse call system, intercom, TV control, IP radio, IP telephony, room control, LAN, integration of medical calls, billing, etc., using a common functional platform. IP-based network technology provides an economical, secure, and scalable structure for all maintenance sector functions and services. VISOCALL IP is VDE 0834 certified and is therefore approved for system reliability and system availability.

GOOD GOES EVEN BETTER -  established and current trends in fire alarm systems.


Fire alarm systems are constantly evolving, with more and more options, new products and features available through IP technology, and an ever-increasing number of vendors making the market increasingly complex. It is good if you can rely on years of experience and safe solutions. Schrack Seconet is a leading specialist in the field of technical fire prevention and has stood for excellent quality and reliability for decades. The company is a leader in IP technology, however of course, it is increasingly working to make improvements and even greater stability and convenience for its customers.

Mature technology and reliable security solutions

The company's goal as an industry innovator is to offer an informative and exciting trade fair visit that would provide real added value to customers.


Flexible adaptability and investment security of your fire alarm system

With the newly developed Premium Network Integral WAN solution, Schrack Seconet complements its many  Integral fire alarm system, which has developed over the years. Thus expanding  significantly the limits of compatibility, networking and scalability.

Thanks to the Integral WAN, the system can be easily expanded at any time, regardless of age or  development stage, and the control panels of different generations of fire alarm systems will be one  connect to the network. This provides the system operator with excellent investment security. This is a particularly big problem  often networking between independent objects in different locations. Integral WAN enables  but in addition to foreign networks, use your own networks (intranet / internet) and thus autarchy  systems can be easily connected. The costs for both the installer and the user are significantly reduced. Integrals  the fire alarm system allows any number of components to be added at any time. Premium  Network Integral WAN ensures complete flexibility, adaptability and low operating costs  throughout the service life of the fire alarm system.

Largest alarm security with CUBUSE multi-sensor detector

There are several improvements to Schrack Seconet's automatic fire alarm system detectors  and innovation. Apart from many feature enhancements, the Integral CUBUSE fire detectors are compatible  Product family multi-sensor detectors for all requirements of European standard EN 54-29  test methods and performance characteristics. This means that cutting-edge technology ensures

the highest level of reliability of the alarm system. During use you can  to the control panel of the fire alarm system at different times through several information channels  alert criteria. The Integral CUBUSE fire detector product family has all the requirements and  needs are therefore covered. Complete range of multi - sensor detectors, from carbon monoxide detector to

ending with an integrated type of audio and voice output.


Many years of experience in IP technology

Schrack Seconet is a leading figure in the field of IP technology with many years of experience  experience. Complete fire safety and information concepts and the use of the Internet Protocol have helped  meet these requirements. Based on this experience in the field of IP technology, the company is developing its own  solutions to provide even greater convenience and flexibility for users.  Detailed improvements such as a larger screen, optimized rendering, users and permissions

advanced management, the possibility to log in with delays and a fire alarm system  The possibility of an optimized connection to the control panel shows once again why Schrack Seconet is known  as a pioneer in the fire alarm industry.

Rely on a technology leader

Our main focus is on human safety. Schrack Seconet has been proving this for years  reliable and state-of-the-art fire alarm systems.

TECHNOLOGY MANAGER SCHRACK SECONET - direction indicator for fire alarm systems


  • INTEGRAL IP - more than just a fire alarm system control panel

  • INTEGRAL LAN - a network using IP technology

  • INTEGRAL X-LINE - unlimited number of peripherals

  • Alarm messages - standard buzzers

  • Modernization - renovation of the system with low investment costs


The new INTEGRAL IP system - the optimal preventive system-based technology for fire safety INTEGRAL IP sets new standards in the market and revolutionizes new benchmarks in terms of functionality and flexibility, as well as quality and efficiency. Intelligent redundancy at the modular level and a new multi-connection network ensure excellent system availability. Standardized interfaces using IP technology allow easy and flexible integration into controlled security concepts. Full forward and backward compatibility ensures investment security and offers low-cost solutions to modernize existing systems.



INTEGRAL IP - more than just a fire alarm system control panel


The modern control panel of the fire alarm system performs various tasks related to the security of the building. In addition to the tasks of early detection and reporting of classical fires, the requirements for the operation of many fire prevention devices have increased significantly. Intelligent interfaces for extinguishing systems, voice alarm systems, smoke and heat ventilation systems, high-pressure ventilation systems, escape route controllers, elevator controllers, etc. require great flexibility due to the ability to adapt to the circumstances and a wide range of individual configuration options.   INTEGRAL IP has created a platform that can handle these tasks easily and is ready for the demands of the future. INTEGRAL IP is more than just a control panel for a fire alarm system, as it automatically operates in the event of a fire and coordinates all important control tasks throughout the building. One of the key factors in the success of these diverse tasks is the use of IP technology.



INTEGRAL LAN - a network using IP technology


INTEGRAL LAN is one of the most important new features of INTEGRAL IP. The ability to establish multiple connections between network nodes is very important when adding a control panel to a fire alarm system control panel. Thus, even in the event of a large number of connection failures, it is possible to ensure that each control unit is still connected to the network. The completely freely selectable cabling scheme allows the network to be optimally adapted to the conditions prevailing in the customer's territory. Different interfaces (RS485, optical fiber, DSL) are available for INTEGRAL LAN, which makes external modems and converters obsolete. The possible data transfer speed of up to 2.5 Mbit / s allows new applications and, for example, firmware updates to be installed from one location to all network control devices during system operation. "In addition to the unsurpassed redundancy of our systems, we have reached another milestone, which further confirms Schrack Seconet's leadership in the development of control panels for fire alarm systems," said Kern with confidence.


European standards and directives require that only separate networks be used for security systems. This is understandable in every way. However, the market also places countless demands on the acquisition and display of information and the ability to exchange data with other systems. To accommodate this trend, INTEGRAL LAN has the capability to use IP technology. "The Internet and the computer world determine the direction in which things must go. "Hardware interfaces and data protocols must be compatible in order to respond quickly to market demands," said Kern, referring to the product strategy. The results speak for themselves! INTEGRAL IP has all the interfaces you need to be ready for the future. The control unit can be integrated directly into the building's IT infrastructure, and access via the intranet and the Internet is also possible without additional operations. Various parallel indicator tables or higher-level centralized indicator devices can use the existing communication channels of the computer network as long as they are not used to inform emergency services. INTEGRAL IP thus sets new trends in fire alarm systems and emphasizes Schrack Seconet's role as a technological market leader.


INTEGRAL X-LINE - unlimited number of peripherals


The new INTEGRAL X-LINE fieldbus uses carefully tested dual-core technology. "Our main goals were to increase the capacity of our existing system, improve deployment and response times, and ensure the highest level of back-and-forth compatibility for existing installations," said Thomas Kern, Product Management Manager, Schrack Seconet. INTEGRAL X-LINE allows the creation of circuits up to 3500 m in length with up to 250 devices per circuit. The short start-up times of the circuits make the commissioning process easy and fast, even when the maximum number of devices is connected. Other new features include automatic primary corrective compensation for controller modules and simplification of the first commissioning process by using serial numbers and DataMatrix codes in each circuit device. INTEGRAL X-LINE detectors and controller modules can also be used in mixed mode without any restrictions on older installations.


Alarm messages - standard buzzers


The provision of an audible alarm is one of the most important tasks of a fire alarm system. In this particular area, the market has developed significantly in recent years and has led to high standards. The INTEGRAL IP has been developed to take this trend fully into account and the latest generation of different acoustic buzzers is connected to different interfaces. INTEGRAL X-LINE's fail-safe technology means that in the event of a fault, such as a short circuit or broken cable, active acoustic buzzers can still be checked. Another option is to integrate acoustic buzzers at any detector point. Intelligent power management with dynamic current limitation allows them to be used very flexibly by adjusting the volume and tone type using a computer tool on the control panel. Installation directly into the detector ensures an elegant design, and inspection and power supply via a dual-core fieldbus also reduces installation costs.


Easy to modernize


Fire alarm systems, like all other systems, are constantly worn out. In addition, the requirements and needs are constantly changing due to the use of the building and the technological innovations and further development of the products in use. Upgrading is a general term for all measures used to replace and upgrade obsolete equipment to significantly increase its user value and safety.  


Thanks to the extensive forward and backward compatibility of INTEGRAL IP, existing systems can be upgraded quickly and easily. "We present ourselves to our customers as top partners in this field, because with the help of a modular system we can adapt all renovations of existing systems in stages coordinated with each other," explained MD Wolfgang Kern. It is possible to connect new detectors to old controls and also old detectors to new controls. However, the biggest advantage of upgrading with INTEGRAL IP is that there is no need to change the existing cabling network.


Tested - certified - approved


"Ensuring quality and meeting the highest possible standards has always been a cornerstone of our development work," said Thomas Kern. "Poor quality products must be completely eliminated, especially in our field. Only with this understanding can we ensure user safety. ”Schrack Seconet develops all products in Austria, with production in Germany. INTEGRAL IP has been tested and approved in accordance with all European international and national standards and directives. 

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